Lost Underwater Cities of the Ancient World

23 Feb 2016

The world is full of wonders and there are so many more for us to discover. Today, we look at these and more as we discover 5 of the underwater worlds of ancient civilizations.

It is believed the city of Shi Cheng (also known as Lion City, named for Wu Shi mountain) was built during the Tang Dynasty in 621 AD. The city of Shi Cheng is believed to date back even further to the Han Dong dynasty (25 -200 AD).  This city is also known as Lion City because of Five Lion Mountain loomed large behind it.

Based on records of the region’s history, it is thought to be quite large, possibly over 60 football fields, and featured 265 arches throughout the city.  Shi Cheng was also unusual in that it was constructed with 5 city gates and towers, white temples, memorial arches, paved roads, and houses.

It was submerged deep 130-150 feet underwater of Qiandao Lake in the Zhejiang Province of China in 1959 after Government decided a new hydro-electric power station.